Zastava M92 AK47 Pistol

I just picked up a new range toy. A Zastava M92 in classic AK format, 7.62×39. I have yet to take it out and shoot it but am already in love with it.

My initial thought on this gun is how solid and well built it feels in hand. Like any AK, it is a little rough around the edges, but if you were looking to buy or build a pretty gun, the AK probably wouldn’t be your first choice anyways.

I added an SB Tactical Brace for the time being, since this gun is almost too heavy to hold as a traditional pistol. If you have read up on these and AR pistols you know the laws and stipulations that go along with owning one of these pistols. No shouldering the gun without the proper Form 1 tax stamp from the ATF. I plan on submitting my papers and waiting for my tax stamp to legally put a stock on it and fire the gun from my shoulder.

I have been craving an SBR for quite a while. I was really close to going with an AR platform but I sold a WASR 10 a few years ago and have been wanting an AK47 again. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

The SB tactical brace is very sturdy yet flexible to allow for your arm to be placed in between the brace and secured with velcro for added stability while firing. The Zastava M92 is imported with a thread protector spot welded to the front. A quick cut with a Dremel tool will allow the removal of this cover and allow the addition of a muzzle break or other device of your choice. I will be doing that process this weekend and adding my CNC Warrior Night Brake to mine. I will be doing a complete review of this pistol once I had taken it to the range and had more time with it.

Thanks to Atlantic Firearms for the insanely fast shipping, SB Tactical for the great brace, and CNC Warrior for the muzzle break and detent pin.


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