Nine Line Apparel / Rothco Concealed Carry Jacket Review

Admittedly, I rarely ask for much for Christmas, mainly because my family wouldn’t know where to start on buying me the stuff I really want (guns and tools). For that reason I usually say “I don`t need a thing”. My wife and I buy too much stuff that we “need” throughout the year, so really, we don`t need anything. On top of that my birthday falls a week after Christmas and I don`t expect anyone to fork out money on me back to back. After all, who has any money left to spend after Christmas anyway?

My wife on the other hand knows me too well and always gets me stuff that she knows I want or need but will never ask for. This year was no exception, she completely blew me away with my Xmas present and then came in for the kill with my birthday gift. Something I had been wanting for a long time but would never buy myself, now I am not too sure how I have lived without it… The Nine Line Apparel / Rothco Concealed Carry Jacket, that is.


I have had and worn this thing since I opened it about two weeks ago. It cuts the wind, sheds water like a duck and is completely warm in the winter weather despite being light weight. But wait there’s more! This thing is built with the tactical man in mind. Inside it has 4 magazine pouches (2 on each side below the breast) that can easily hold my Glock G17 plus 17 and 19 round mags. It has two large pockets that easily accommodates the G17 and my smaller handguns. The mag pouches and gun pockets are accessible with a quick unzip. The mag pouches are stacked horizontally and fastened with a heavy duty velcrow flap. The pocket that secures the gun is located right  near the waist area on either side and is an open top pocket with a velcro half flap that can be opened for ease of access. The gun is completely secure unless you are happen to go upside down at some point. I am excited to get to the range and run a few live drills with the jacket.


This is not my first purchase from Nine Line but it is my first Rothco product and I must say the quality has been exceptional thus far. A few more things this jacket features is a roll up fully lined hood that zips away into the collar of the jacket. Add your own style and morale with its customizable velcro patch spaces on each bicep.  It has two very deep pockets in the front as well as pockets behind the velcro areas along with a decent sized pocket on the back of the left arm behind the wrist. Draw strings designed around the bottom waist area and the hood area to lock in all the body heat. Heavy duty velcro straps around the wrists for the perfect fit. It is also well vented for use in warmer weather yet features a mesh area in the lower back are with two zippers on the outside to open air flow in the back. A zipper under each arm pit increases air flow and releases body heat to keep you comfortable during your visit to the super market or your day at the range.


In closing, if you are like me and carry every single day, this jacket was built for you. Even if you prefer your holster for your sidearm, just having the ability to carry 4 mags while staying comfortable and looking stylish while doing it, makes this jacket a must buy for you. This jacket keeps you prepared for the worst weather or bad guy without giving off even a slight hint that you are ready to stand and comfortably battle with access to 4 mags and 2 guns if you really wanted too.


You can order yours here, you won`t be disappointed!




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